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lounge extention - 1

lounge extension - 2

This wasted yard area was converted to a sunroom. Glass panels are used in the ceiling to allow light into the area. Sprayed ceiling panels bring a modern feel to the area. The boundary wall has been cleverly disguised as a feature wall.

1 kitchen before when it was a yard - 1
Before – Yard in the process of being incorporated into main house for use as entertainment/living area

2 kitchen - combining modern wth rustic - 1
Combining the rustic feel of a braai and outdoor living area with the modern kitchen

3 kitchen - glass panels in ceiling to allow light in - 1
Glass panels on the ceiling allow light into the area

4 kitchen - pipe disguised - 1
Pipes and support pillars covered with rock cages to disguise them

5 kitchen after conversion - 1
kitchen after conversion

6 kitchen with braai place indoords - 1
An indoor braai incorporated into kitchen so that it can be used all year round. This area has an outdoor feel, yet it is part of a very formal, modern kitchen

project - badgemore dining room

project - badgemore fireplace

project - badgemore AV unit

project - badgemore DB cover painted

project - badgemore kicthen 2

project - badgemore kitchen

project - badgemore library

project - badgemore room 3

project - badgemore main bed 2

project - badgemore main bed

project  -badgemore pedestals

project - badgemore room 1

project - badgemore study 2

project - badgemore study

project - badgemore TV room

project - badgmore room 2

project - bagdemore bathroom

project - badgmore TV room

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